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IndicChain is India's technology chain, a Mobiloitte Foundation initiative, that is on a mission to create the world's largest talent pool of digital transformation technologies. By creating a network of digital experts, INDIC-CHAIN seeks to assist governments, businesses, organizations, and society in the transition from traditional to digital. IndicChain's platform enables to explore local use cases, foster innovations, research and development, create Proofs-of-Concept (PoC) and MVPs based on Digital transformation technologies like Web-3, Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, Data Science etc. to support use cases and social causes. To kickstart this novel endeavour, INDIC-CHAIN set up multiple Web-3 Digital-Centre-Of-Excellence (D-CoE) of Digital Transformation Technologies in Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions to facilitate placements, sponsorships, apprenticeship programs in collaboration with industry partners, governments, academia, and development sector. Indic-chain aims to link emerging technologies to its end-user community. 


IndicChain is on a mission to bridge the digital gap between various communities and enable the development of their digital infrastructure by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Data Science. They are focused on developing digital health initiatives to meet the unique needs of differently-abled individuals and establishing a Digital-Centric Innovation Center of Excellence (D-COE) with universities and colleges in order to better define, research, and promote modern digital transformation projects. Ultimately, IndicChain strives to be a force for positive change, enabling local governments and social causes to bloom and flourish in the digital age.

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Who is it for?

IndicChain is an innovation that seeks to revolutionize the way people interact with the internet. It enables users to interact with the virtual world and access information, services and products in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way. It has a wide range of target audiences, and this post seeks to highlight the same.


Students can benefit from IndicChain by leveraging its cross-platform capabilities. Different levels of expertise can be obtained through the tutorials, course materials and coding challenges provided.


Freshers can use the platform to quickly get up to speed by taking relevant courses, and tutorials and even practising coding on the test platform.


Professionals can use the platform to stay updated on the latest trends in technology, acquire new skills and network with potential employers.

Freelancing Professionals

Freelancing professionals can gain access to projects and programs to further their skills.

Tech Enthusiasts

Tech enthusiasts can keep up with the latest technologies, partake in informative conversations and explore new ideas.

Job Seekers

Job seekers can reveal their skills and get assistance from mentors to help them nail their dream job.


Employers can identify top talent and scout new technical skills on the platform.


Entrepreneurs can benefit from the platform to acquire mentors, share ideas and grow their businesses collaboratively.


Aspirants can take advantage of the platform to build their portfolio, explore innovative ideas and hone their skills.

Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes can access the platform to promote their courses, connect with students and teach the latest technologies.


Recruiters can tap into the student profiles and job postings on IndicChain to source the right talents

Universities and educators

Universities and educators can use the platform to provide resources to students and create online courses or certifications, respectively.

It’s time to get started

Join IndicChain today and be a part of the global digital transformation movement! Whether you're a student, fresher, professional, freelancer, tech enthusiast, job seeker, employer, entrepreneur, aspirant, educational institute, recruiter, or university/educator, there's something for everyone. With our platform, you can gain access to cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Data Science, and work on digital health initiatives that cater to the needs of differently-abled individuals. Plus, you can take advantage of our tutorials, course materials, coding challenges, and online courses/certifications to stay updated on the latest trends in technology and network with potential employers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your skills, portfolio, and career with IndicChain. Sign up now!

India's technology chain linking emerging technologies to its end-user community

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